Empowering men to embark on a profound journey of sexual transformation and mastery through heart-led, embodied, and empowered sex coaching. Making the world a healthier place, one body, one heart, one soul at a time.

Two programmes, offering a range of levels of engagement and pricing to suit your time, commitment and budget.

Pricing plans are available:

The Art of Sexual & Personal Mastery
Masturbation Coaching for Personal and Sexual Confidence

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of sexual energy and personal pleasure mastery. From the functional, shame-laden porn dependency or fantasy, fast driven routines, to unlock new dimensions of pleasure, and cultivate a profound connection with your body and your desires.

Discover the path to pleasure-centred self-mastery and states of ecstatic and sustained pleasure—so profound, it becomes a lifelong practice.

The Sexual Empowerment Programme
Get Better in Bed 

Welcome to the most comprehensive mind, body, and soul programme designed specifically for men who are ready to transcend the challenges of sexual uncertainty and unlock the secrets to unparalleled pleasure—for themselves and for their partners. 

Say goodbye to insecurities and limitations as you uncover the secrets to experiencing the best sex of your life.

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Meet your guide

Sian Johnson

Sex Coach for Men and their Partners

I am an international English speaking online Sex Coach for Men. I also offer exclusive one to one in person Sex Coaching sessions from my home in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. Officially, I’m known as a Sex Coach for Men, but in reality, I’m more of a sex geek—a passionate explorer, delving deep into the realms of science, psychology, and the mystical powers of sex, intimacy, and relationships.
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