The Art of Sexual
and Personal Mastery

Masturbation Coaching to
Transform, Strengthen and Thrive
with Sian Johnson

The Art of Sexual and Personal Mastery is a 6 to 12 week holistic coaching programme specifically for men that will help you not only master your sexual energy but to transform some of the blocks to pleasure that are currently in your way to the kind of playful, satisfying and ecstatic sexual relationship with yourself that you always wanted.

There is no time like now to step into your confident, empowered and erotically whole you!

Why wait? 

Who is it for?

This is a sex positive, body, mind and soul positive training for men of any age who want to experince more from their self pleasure; to elevate your self touch from the tired old porn-fantasy routine and the boring masturbation grind into ecstasy and states of sustained sexual arousal and want expert support on how to get there.

This is for men who want to feel more sexually fulfiled: to last longer, have stronger erections, to go deeper and connect body, mind and soul with, and for themselves.

Your Path to Embracing your Masculine power and Sexual Mastery 

Your journey begins with an free Consultation Call, to discover more of whether this programme, and which option, is right for you. 

This is important because, you are considering entering the special world of holistic sex coaching which uses a mixture of psychology and body-based exercises and practices. This is a new and daunting experience for everyone at first, and the programme involves:

  • Changing your current masturbation techniques
  • Challenging your attitudes to and assumptions about sex — most of which you are probably not aware of, because, let’s face it, few of us are until we embark on this kind of journey!
  • Developing an awareness of your resistances to pleasure (yes, that’s a real thing!) and working with these rather than ignoring or suppressing them
  • Exploring embodiment, touch and sensation
  • Expanding your pleasure capacity by identifying and moving through mind based pleasure blocks and pleasure thresholds
  • Discovering new sensations, new self touch techniques and strenthening your heart connection through becoming more intimate with your own self.

Schedule your call with me 

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This is not just about better masturbation.
The Art of Sexual and Personal Mastery can help you to:

  • Develop exquisite embodied presence
  • Discover tantric masturbation
  • Improve your body confidence
  • Celebrate your unique sexual self
  • Listen to and following what your body needs
  • Enjoy masturbation meditation
  • Last longer – or to be more in choice about when you cum
  • Explore yogic self-stimulation and orgasmic yoga
  • Develop your sense of personal sexual power
  • Experience solo spiritual sex
  • Use porn, memory and fantasy more wisely
  • Dispel shame
  • Step away from porn addiction
  • Challenge some of the myths, limiting self-beliefs and overcome blocks to pleasure
This can be an opportunity to grow in the art of pleasuring yourself, your whole self, so that all your body and your mind feels refreshed, alive and vibrant. The absence of feeling shameful and the presence of feeling honourable. Stepping fully into your glorious sexual masculinity and experiencing your arousal as a positive life force energy.

So if you want more from your masturbation, to discover better self pleasure techniques and to experience greater pleasure in your body, then this Masturbation Coaching is for you.

Two options

Do It Yourself

Perfect for people with determination on a budget 
  • Optional Free Consultation Call to begin
  • Access to full online course
  • Self-directed learning at your pace
  • Go at a pace that feels right for you
  • 6 Modules
  • 70 ways to love your raw, sexy self
  • Access your healthy masculine power
  • Unlimited access to deep states of ecstacy
  • infinite routes to sustaining your sexual arousal 
  • Book online 45 minute coaching if needed/desired
  • Option to pay in installments with Klarna

Get Coached

For people who want the best, bespoke support available
  • Optional Free Consultation Call to begin
  • Access to full online course
  • Self-directed learning 
  • Enjoy a structured coaching programme 
  • 6 modules
  • 70 ways to love your raw, sexy self
  • 8 sessions of 1-1, bespoke online coaching
  • sessions spaced at 10-14 days apartl
  • Access your healthy masculine power
  • Unlimited access to deep states of ecstacy
  • Infinite routes to sustaining your sexual arousal
  • Additional online 45 minute coaching if needed/desired
  • Free Closing Session included as part of your course
  • Option to pay in installments with Klarna 
  • Whichever route you choose, daily self-touch exercises of 20 – 60 minutes a day are an essential part of this programme.
  • Unique online programme materials including online instructional videos of real people being coached in real time. And audio files and written materials to support your learning, as well as recommended resources to extend your experience well beyond the programme.
  • Need support? no matter which route you choose, additional coaching hours can be booked with Sian on a session-by-session basis.
  • Wanna check out if this is right for you? Then go ahead and book your no charge Consultation Call with Sian.

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