Hello, I’m Sian Johnson,
Sex Coach for Men


I'm Sian Johnson, a dedicated advocate for sexual wellness, intimacy, and relationships. With a background in coaching and psychology, I provide insights, resources, and guidance to empower you on your journey toward fulfilling connections and a healthier relationship with yourself and others. My trainings are designed to foster deeper intimacy and enhance your sexual well-being. Let's embark on this journey together!

I specialise in empowering men to achieve their sexual goals, offering online sessions for convenience and confidentiality, as well as immersive, one-on-one, in-person coaching for ultimate transformation. Since 2017, I've dedicated myself to helping men expand their sexual pleasure, vitality, and freedom, now extending this expertise to coaching couples. I believe all men can benefit from exploring their sexual selves, whether it's coaching on masturbation, balancing pornography use, managing arousal, navigating desire changes, or reigniting passion in relationships or something else, I am a safe harbour to support your growth into sexual and relationship vitality.

As a professional sex coach, I integrate diverse disciplines like Conscious Kink and Tantra. My journey to this transformative path began with a question during a period of disillusionment, leading me to confront past experiences and ignite a passion for healing in sexuality and relationships. Through The Sian Johnson Academy for Men, I share life lessons and expertise to help others unlock their true masculine power and cultivate vibrant, authentic relationships. Whether online or in person, I'm here to guide you toward vitality and fulfilment.

Join me on a profound body, mind, and soul voyage of self-discovery and sexual empowerment.

Let's embrace greater sexual awareness, intimacy, and fulfilment together.

Your journey begins here.

Ready to start?

I wanted to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude to you for the work we undertook together – it was foundational in my journey and the changes have been life changing in my relationships with self and others. The journey continues for myself and I have had the opportunity to undertake further learnings and courses in my development. I hope one day we can work together again.”
“Thank you, Sian! For your help and guidance with completing the programme. I received a warm welcome, was listened to and went at a pace I was comfortable with. I learned so much and have improved my confidence, which was one of the main reasons I went ahead with it. I highly recommend working with Sian as she is passionate about what she does, and you can feel she cares”
“I wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the last few months. The whole programme has felt life changing to be honest, all the anxiety that I had around intimacy pretty much feels like a thing of the past now. I really don’t know what I’d have done without you.
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