Men, are you ready for an amazing sex life?

Welcome to the best sex coaching programmes I have ever developed!

Revised and updated for the discerning man who wants more. The kind of man who knows that there is something better to be had but isn’t quite sure how to get there. Or is curious to look at alternatives to the numbing creams, little blue pills and locker room rumours. The kind of man that is motivated to make the kind of changes to their sexual experiences that can uplevel his sex life to the next level and beyond!

Hello, I'm Sian Johnson

I am a trauma informed, consent trained, qualified and experienced Sex Coach. I’ve worked with thousands of men in one-to-one sessions, with a simple aim; to help them get more pleasure, connection and joy from their sex, intimacy, and relationships.

These groundbreaking programmes utilise a multimedia approach for self-directed home study and can be combined with one-to-one bespoke coaching with me, Sian Johnson. Each course, each module and each element are designed to empower you, and your current or future partners. Imagine being empowered to create the kind of sex life you truly desire.

Choosing success over failure...
Choosing pleasure over function...
Choosing connection over shame...
Choosing you...
Are all revolutionary acts.
Are you ready?

Explore beyond your comfort zone

Are you ready to unlock your fullest potential? 

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